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Mr. Chary,
I would like to show my gratitude towards how well of a job you performed on tailoring my suit for the coming wedding.  I would like to thank you for the amazing job on the seams when they had fallen out of the hems in my dress pants prior to the tailoring. The jacket fits snuggly while maintaining a loose fit...


Quick Stitch Bustle

This IS a QUICKSTITCH creation. We work with the bride and her dress to make sure the bustle is perfect with the dress. We take pride in what we do at QUICKSTITCH... PERFECT FIT EVERY FIT... Another HAPPY BRIDE... 

 15 Years of Excellence in Service

Day of Brides

Just the right weekend before the Labor Day. We had 3 brides with their bridesmaids. And two of them were repeat coming back with their friends bridal dress alterations. Reference... word of mouth. Perfect fit every fit... That is what every bride likes it and that is what we DO AT QUICKSTITCH.


Nicole’s Wedding Dress Alterations

Perfect alterations. ONE MORE HAPPY BRIDE. First fit a perfect fit... all alterations done in FIRST FIT.

Kerry Wedding Dress

Kerry went home HAPPY with her wedding dress... PERFECT FIT... A VERY HAPPY BRIDE
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